Chicagoland Pilgrimage #32


On-site Staff      
First Name Last Name Talk Ppt Weekend
Barunka Szamaranszky   ChPP31
Carol Gerlach Action MPP05
Deb Valkenaar   ChPC12
Erik Sealund   ChPP26
Greg Buell   OPC20
James Turner   GPP05
Jan Nickey 3-Days ChPC15
Jill Nevil Ideals ChPP31
Jim Peterson Lead ChPP24
Joanne Storm   ChPC07
Joel Bregman Piety ChPC12
Judy Tobias   ChPP30
Karen Bregman Body ChPC10
Laura Jones   ChPC04
Lisa Turner   GPP08
Micah Thomas   ChPP31
Michelle Smith   ChPP23
Mike Smith   CPC08
Peg Forbes Community ChPC14
Rich Blue Study ChPP28
Roger Smith Evangelism ChPC15
Scott Bowers   SCPC28
Sue Blue 4th Day MPP05
Susan Peterson   Walk to Emmaus
Susan Kelley   ChPP30
Tom Boehmer   NTPC02
Walley Kelley   ChPP30
Home Team Head    
First Name Last Name Ppt Weekend  
Debbie Arnspong ChPC12  


First Name Last Name Church      
Amber Barth The Bridge      
Birgit Mansfield        
Brandy Casas
St Monica’s Parish, Carpentersville
Carl Tobias Village      
Carl Felton
A New Beginning Fellowship
Carol Smith
First Presbyterian Church of Evanston, Evanston, IL
Diana Spencer Village      
Eileen Parks
Oasis Church Online, Middletown, OH
Hannah Henry
Park Community Church South Loop
Kelvin Johnson
Kingdom Pathway Church
Lisa Barba
Willow Creek, Barrington IL
Pam Dennis
First United Methodist Church in Arlington Heights, IL
Rachel Lithgow
Park Community Church South Loop
Steve Smith
First Presbyterian Church of Evanston, Evanston, IL

Thank you so much for praying for the staff and participants of Chicagoland #32.  Paul began many of his letters saying that he was praying for those to whom he wrote.  We can pray for the same things for the participants & staff:  thank God for them; pray that God will give them the spirit of wisdom and revelation; pray that the eyes of their hearts will be opened; pray that they will know the hope to which they have been called.

We will also be praying for you, our broader 4th day, churches, and communities.